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"Love the racking. Took me about 20 mins on my first one, and then about 10 mins on the second one! Easy as!"

James, an HVAC from the North Shore

Van False Floor

Van False Floor

Elevate your van's storage capabilities with the Van False Floor. Not only does it provide a sturdy platform, but it also unveils a hidden world of organized storage beneath, making every inch of your van count.

The Van False Floor is a robust false floor system, crafted with 18mm plywood, that reveals an open under-floor storage area. It's designed to accommodate long items, ladders, and even 200mm high plastic bins for your convenience.

Our standard configuration is shown in the first image, with a larger rear compartment on the left hand side and a smaller width compartment on the right hand side.

All van false floors are designed specifically for each different van model. They are optimised with the false floor sitting just above your van's wheel arch height.

Please contact us if you want to modify the compartment configuration for your order.

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Double the Space, Double the Efficiency

With a false floor, you're essentially unlocking a hidden layer of storage.

It's like having a secret compartment for all those tools and materials, keeping them organized and within arm's reach.

Universal fit

We've developed a comprehensive library of designs to ensure that one of our false floors will fit snugly in most Japanese and European van models.

Let us know if you don't see your van in our false floor model options - we can add one just for you!

Durable materials

We know the grind doesn't stop, and neither should your equipment. Made with durable marine-bonded Birch hardwood plywood, these systems are designed to endure the daily demands of your trade.

Materials that tradies know and trust.

Easy to install

All false floor and drawer systems are assembled in our Whakatāne factory.

They are braced and packaged on a pallet in two sections, for safe and secure shipment anywhere in New Zealand.

Precision CNC-cut guides and clear instructions enable accurate fitting in your vehicle in less than an hours.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Keep your tools discreetly tucked away under a false floor. Enhance your vehicle's privacy and your peace of mind.

Upgrade Your Productivity

Investing in a false floor and drawer system is like giving your van a superpower. Boost your productivity, impress your clients, and make every workday smoother. Ready to level up?