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Equip your van with tailored storage solutions and elevate your trade to unmatched professionalism and productivity.

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Chaos in the Van, Chaos on the Job

You're a professional, and your work van should show it.


Do you get frustrated wasting precious time rummaging through a chaotic mess of tools and risking potential damage or injury?

A tidy van isn't just about organisation; it's about productivity, safety, security, and presenting the right image to your clients.

VanEquip is here to optimise your work van. We design durable modular storage systems for tradies.

  • Every tool has its place.
  • Everything is secure and accessible.
  • Your van reflects the professional you are.
  • Maximum Efficiency

    No more time wasted searching for tools. With VanEquip, everything is right where you need it, when you need it.

  • Flexible Storage

    Our modular systems easily adapt to your ever-changing job needs, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter the task at hand.

  • Professional Image

    Impress your clients from the moment you open your van doors. An organized van speaks volumes about the quality of your work.

Trusted by Trade Professionals Nationwide

  • "Since installing my VanEquip shelving racks, I've saved loads of job prep time every week. Everything is so well organized."

    - Mike, an electrician in Christchurch

  • "I used to stress about opening my van in front of clients. Now, I do it with pride. Thanks guys!"

    - Simon, a plumber in Gisborne

  • "The durability and quality of VanEquip products are unmatched. It's clear you understand the needs of tradies."

    - Liam, a builder in Albany

  • 📐 Precision-Cut Components

    Perfectly tailored to fit all Japanese and European style vans.

  • 💪 Durable Materials

    Made from marine-bonded plywood and MDF for strength and longevity.

  • 💲 Cost-Effective

    Quality vehicle storage systems that won't break the bank.

  • 🧰 Customisable Storage

    Maximises space, ensuring you utilise every inch of your van.

  • 🔇 No Rattling

    Avoid the mind-numbing noise of a metal racking system.

  • ⏱️ Easy Installation

    Get set up quickly and get back to work.

  • 🔐 Safe and Secure

    Keep your tools secure and protected with lockable drawers.

  • 🧩 Modular Design

    Easily reconfigure your setup based on job requirements.

  • 🦺 Professional Appearance

    Enhance your business image with a sleek, organised van interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will VanEquip products fit my specific van model?

Yes! Our products are designed to fit all Japanese and European style vans. Plus, they're customizable to ensure a perfect fit.

Is the installation process easy?

Our products are designed for easy installation. Most tradies can set them up quickly, and they come with all the necessary instructions, fasteners and adhesives.

Are the storage systems durable enough for heavy tools and equipment?

Absolutely. Our products are made from marine-bonded plywood and MDF, ensuring strength and durability to handle the demands of any trade.

Can I customise my storage solution as my business grows?

Yes! Our modular design allows for easy reconfiguration, ensuring your van evolves with your business needs.

How do VanEquip products enhance safety?

Our storage solutions help ensure tools and materials are securely stowed, reducing the risk of them becoming projectiles or causing injuries.

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